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Retool Rather Than Completely Redo

Open up your home to its possibilities with Madden-McFarland one-room makeover. A fresh coat of paint, rearranging furniture and perhaps adding a new piece or two can dramatically change a dated room. That is the premise behind the MaddMac Challenge. “We think it is the easiest, most affordable and fun way for a homeowner to give a tired room new energy and life,” says Patrick Madden.

Kim Wolf agrees. She had a room with an identity crisis. “It’s a beautiful room but we simply tired of it and didn’t use it,” says Wolf. She consulted with Madden who suggested a MaddMac Challenge to retool rather than completely redo the room. New paint on the walls, two striking buffet lamps Wolf spied in the showroom and just one hour with two design experts rearranging furniture, artwork and accessories in the room and Voila! The room was transformed. “Just a couple of new pieces and a new room design helped make a room my family had lived with day-in and day-out completely different and refreshed,” says Wolf.

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