Design solution for EBT Restaurant

Connie Church-Fey’s assignment was to bring new energy into EBT, a fine dining restaurant with a rich and unique history rooted in the history of Emery, Bird, Thayer, a legendary department store that defined Kansas City style for more than a century. ”The challenge was to bridge the past with the future and blend in unique elements of personality,” says Connie. “My goal was to improve sales by attracting a new customer while bringing an enhanced experience to what long-term patrons loved about the restaurant.”

The new energy came significantly from custom-designed and crafted parasol lighting fixtures that injected bold drama and color. Modernity was further emphasized through the custom-colored spyro pattern carpet (one of the first installations of the design in the country). Perhaps one of the most unique elements is the bouquet of jeweled metal roses adorning the wall in the bar area. “The design was a tribute to EBT’s long-time president, Ed Holland, who is a passionate rose gardener known for presenting women patrons with a martini rose. Rose designs are also incorporated in lighting fixtures. She respected the original vision of EBT – to preserve the Emery, Bird, Thayer legacy of quality and service for future generations of Kansas Citians – by creating more emphasis on the artifacts and architectural details that still exist from the original store, including the original sandstone column capitals, wrought iron fixtures, framed stained glass and brass elevator cages. She added to the life of the story by including vintage photos and a series of Emery, Bird, Thayer advertisements that ran in The Independent magazine in the 1930s and 1940s.

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